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Fashion Forecast 2013

If you’re like me, spring is usually a dull time for clothes shopping. It’s very difficult to find pastels that (1) I like and (2) don’t look terrible on me. And floral prints? I’ll pass, thanks. Fortunately, this spring promises to be bold, favoring high-contrast ensembles and unique silhouettes.


Oh, stripes. Fashion’s favorite optical illusion. Very few patterns can change a person’s body so drastically depending on their orientation. Stripes adorned a multitude of styles, from the standard shirts to entire suits and dresses, such as this Oscar de la Renta formal gown.

Designers played with stripes by rotating them and varying the thickness of them. Some went a little crazier, like Tommy Hilfiger and his “polka-stripe” suit.

One problem I noticed with this trend is that it has a tendency to look a little Burton-esque if it’s too matchy-matchy. If stripes make you leery, keep it simple. A black and white striped skirt paired with a black top is always classy.

Sheer Panels

Chiffon and other sheer fabrics just scream sexiness. Even the word “chiffon” is sexy. Probably because it’s French.

In high fashion, sheer fabrics were used as a sort of peek-a-boo element in dresses and tops, lightly covering the midriff or cleavage. Other designers made garments almost entirely out of see-through material, employing just enough solid fabric to preserve a woman’s modesty.

And if you thought fashion and literature never mingled, think again. Many models traipsed down the runway in leather-and-lace type ensembles, which some critics are saying is a nod to the popular 50 Shades of Grey novels. Designers often paired delicate fabrics, like chiffon, with sturdier materials like leather, studs, and grommets.


With warmer weather comes higher hems! Don’t expect micro-mini shorts that barely cover your buns, though – this spring, Bermuda shorts (like these) are back in style. True Bermuda shorts hit just an inch above the knee, are usually tailored, and are made in a dressy material, though you will see them done in denim this season.

I have a hard time believing that any office would accept shorts suits (pictured left) as appropriate business attire, but that doesn’t mean you won’t see blazers and matching shorts parading around in more fashion-conscious cities. (Or maybe fashion un-conscious, depending on your taste.) I foresee this to be a very Love It or Hate It trend, like Hammer pants.

Do you agree with my Fashion Forecast? Did I miss one that you think is going to be big this spring? What about my 3 picks – do you loathe them or love them? Let me know in the comments, on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+!


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