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Relax and Sleep (or “How I Soothe My Baby Back to Sleep”)


Relax and Sleep” is available in the Google Play store.

It was late, and I was tired.

Well, not just me. My husband was tired too.

And so was my two-month-old son. Actually, he might have been over-tired. Either way, he couldn’t sleep … and therefore, neither could we.

We had tried playing soft, soothing Christmas music through Pandora to calm him down, but he just wouldn’t have it. I think he would have cussed out Jim Brickman if he could form words. The wails were starting to grate on our nerves, as evident by my husband’s shushing, which had changed from Dr.-Karp-soothing shushes to angry-librarian hisses. Speaking of Dr. Karp, I remembered him saying at one point in his video that sometimes babies need an uninterrupted shush, like white noise. I grabbed my phone and searched for “white noise” on Google Play. As always, whenever I am in dire need of help, Google delivers exactly what I need.

“Relax and Sleep” is unique in that it turns your phone into a custom sleep machine. Do you sleep best during a rainstorm? Have you moved from the city to the country and need a little traffic noise to help you fall asleep? Maybe you’re like one particular Google user, who prefers both sounds together. The neat thing about “Relax and Sleep” is that it has many presets to choose from, and you can even have multiple sounds playing at the same time. When you launch the app, you’ll see a list of different sounds with a checkbox next to each one. Tap the checkbox to turn on the sound. The sliders that are underneath the titles of the sounds will help you pick the right volume, and a slider at the very top of the app acts as a master control for the volume.

After you choose your sound (or sounds) you can select the “timer” option to tell the app to shut off after a certain amount of time. The sound doesn’t stop abruptly, either, but has a subtle fade-out. In fact, the first time I used it, I didn’t even notice when it had turned itself off.

“Relax and Sleep” is free in the Google Play store, or you can purchase “Relax and Sleep Pro” for $2.00, which gives you a few extra features.

Unfortunately, you can’t find “Relax and Sleep” in the Apple store. However, they have released a similar app under the name “Sound Kitchen” for 99 cents.



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