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Dixit: Your New Family Game Night Game

Maybe I’m being a little presumptuous by saying that you will play this during your next game night, but this is one of my new favorite games. The gameplay is simple to grasp: the Storyteller gives a clue as to what is on his or her card, then everyone else puts down a card that they think matches the clue. The Storyteller shuffles these cards and then the players vote on what they think the correct card is. If no one votes for the the Storyteller’s card, then s/he gets no points and everyone else gets 2 points. There are a few more rules than that, but I’ll let Wil Wheaton explain it in more detail:

What I really liked about this game was that you needed to find a good balance between vague and distinct. You want to describe it well enough that a few people will get it, but not so well that everyone picks your card – otherwise you won’t get any points. It helps to have a few inside jokes with people at the table. For instance, the Storyteller picked a card that had a woman walking through the snow, and there was a single red rose growing out of the ground. His clue? “Seal.” Seal, as you may recall, sang a song called “Kiss From a Rose” on the Batman Forever soundtrack. You remember, don’t you? 

Something that I love and hate about the game is how quickly it can be played. Generally, I need board games to go quickly, otherwise by turn four I’m leaving the table between turns to do something else, and eventually leaving my pieces to someone else to play for me. We played this game with the full amount (6 people) and we went through the deck of cards in a short amount of time. Because we wanted to keep playing, we reshuffled the pile of cards already played and redistributed them. Our group would have benefited from the expansion packs so we could have a larger card pile to draw from.

The game is affordable, priced at $25 on Amazon. You’ll have plenty left over so you can order pizza for your awesome Dixit party.

Intrigued by Wil Wheaton’s playthrough of the game? He plays lots of board games, card games, and dice games on his web-based series, TableTop. Check out his other videos for more fun games!


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