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Curse of the Sweater

If you’ve been knitting for any length of time, it’s very likely that you’ve heard of the Sweater Curse.

sweater viamasterfully monstrified by Katie80

sweater via
masterfully monstrified by Katie80

The Sweater Curse, for those out of the loop, is the superstition that once you knit a sweater for your significant other, your relationship will end soon after. It seems to be more than just superstition, though; many people will tell you how their long-term relationship ended within weeks of giving their partner even something as small as a hat. Others will say it is a myth and back it up with their own anecdotal evidence, but there are fewer of them.

What could be the reason behind the breakups? Many people have their theories. Maybe he was intimidated by the amount of time you were putting into the sweater, which he saw as a metaphor for your relationship, and realized he wasn’t ready to invest the same amount of time. Or maybe you spent so much time on the sweater that you were ignoring him.

Or maybe you made him an ugly sweater.

Bill Cosby, wearing a sweater that only a QWOP champion could love, via

Bill Cosby, wearing a sweater that only a QWOP champion could love, via

Whatever the reason, for many the Sweater Curse is a real and devastating plague to knitters.

Do you believe in the Sweater Curse? Have you ever made something for someone who later ended the relationship? Connect with me in the comments, or on the online communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.


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