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Lasting Finish Pro Nail Lives Up To Its Name

I adore beautifully polished nails. I even have a Pinterest board dedicated exclusively to clever and sometimes crazy nail designs. However, I never paint my fingernails because it makes my hands feel heavy to have polish on them, and I tend to keep my fingernails short so they don’t interfere with my ukulele-playing. When I do decide to paint my nails, I usually make a mess out of my right hand – a catch 22, if you will.

When I do paint anything, I usually paint my toenails, and I usually only do it in summer when they’ll be exposed. Also, close-toed shoes tends to rub off nail polish, you know? So when I recommend Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro because of it’s durability, you know it must be tough.

I purchased a bottle of 332 “Baby Pink” on a whim because I had no pink nail polish on hand, and I was feeling pinky. I decided to check out Rimmel’s selection because I’m already a die-hard fan of their lipsticks and mascaras. This product does not disappoint. Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Pro goes on smoothly and evenly, and I believe part of that is due to its unique applicator brush.



The brush is a wide, flat brush, which keeps the bristles from spreading out as much as they do in most nail polishes. I tried doing a little left-handed painting with it, and my right hand ended up looking much cleaner than it usually does. Since this color is fairly light (and I tend to put on a thick layer of polish) I was able to get a nice, opaque color after the first coat, but I did a second just to be sure. The darker colors require at least two to achieve opacity.

I didn’t keep the polish on my hands because of the heavy feeling all nail polishes give my fingers, but I did keep it on my toes for a while. In fact, I had it on my toes for at least a week, and I only noticed it starting to chip when I started running again. Even without a top coat, this polish stayed on my toes – in close-toed shoes no less, for seven days. Maybe more. I should have been keeping track for science’s sake. I attribute some of this to an article I read on The Beauty Department about waiting at least 8-12 hours after painting your nails before wearing flat shoes, and up to 24 before wearing shoes with heels. Even though the polish seems dry within minutes of applying, waiting several hours really helps set the color.

My only complaint is that I’m not satisfied with the color of the polish anymore. It’s a sort of bubble-gum pink that I didn’t really capture (taking photos late at night tends to do that) but The Makeup Consumer did a pretty good job if you want to see a better picture. This pink just doesn’t really go with a lot of my current wardrobe, which is another reason why it ends up on my toes and not on my fingers. I guess that means I should go out and get some in different shades!

Have you tried this nail polish? Do you have a favorite brand? Tell me about it in the comments, or on Facebook, Twitter, or G+.


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