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Red Hot Frosting from MADE

One of my favorite blogs is MADE, written by the lovely Dana. I found her two years ago when I was looking for a circle skirt tutorial, and I’ve been following her ever since. She is primarily a sewing blogger, but occasionally she does something a little different – for example, this amazing idea for Red Hot buttercream frosting.



Unlike Dana I have an almond allergy, so instead of using her recipe for the frosting I just bought a can of buttercream frosting when I went to the store. Also, unlike Dana, I couldn’t find Red Hots at my store. I couldn’t believe my luck! I’ve never had a Valentine’s Day without Red Hots!

Anyway, my store had those cinnamon disks so I bought those instead.


Now I don’t eat these by themselves because they are way too hot for my sensitive palate, but desperate times call for desperate measures. I unwrapped a few of them and put them in the sandwich bag and folded a piece of paper over the bag, just like Dana suggested. At first I thought this was unnecessary, but I’m glad I did it because the candy shards quickly tore up the plastic bag. I didn’t have a rubber hammer either, so I used a regular hammer and wrapped it in a kitchen towel – again, just like Dana suggested.

Well let me tell you, these little candies are so hard that they would not break with a towel-wrapped hammer, so I had to hammer them without it. It made the hammer ring like a tuning fork with every strike! Somehow, my son slept in the next room during all this racket, but my two rabbits let me know how annoyed they were by thumping between each pound of the hammer.

After I had broken up about half of the bag of cinnamon candies, I mixed them in with the frosting. This ended up being enough for me, but if you want more cinnamon flavor then you’ll have to put more in. After I mixed it up in the frosting can, I used the frosting to make sweet cracker sandwiches.



If you’ve never put icing on crackers before, then you don’t know what you’re missing. My mom used to make frosting-and-cracker sandwiches for my lunch, and it was my favorite dessert. The juxtaposition of salty and sweet is absolutely divine.

Even though I had to make a few substitutions to Dana’s original concoction, this frosting still turned out amazing! What’s more, my husband doesn’t like cinnamon sweets, so the frosting is all mine to do whatever I want with it! He even bought ice cream so I could crush up the rest of my candies and mix them with it. He’s so thoughtful.


2 comments on “Red Hot Frosting from MADE

  1. skywaitress
    February 22, 2013

    Oooh yum, this sounds delicious! I would never have thought to put red hots (or cinnamon candy) in buttercream frosting.

    • Katie80
      February 28, 2013

      I am not ashamed to admit I ate all of mine. I might have to go out for more frosting so I can make some more, since I can’t stand the hotness of those cinnamon disks I used.

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