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Cards of Legend


I typically end my day by perusing through Pinterest categories on my tablet. My favorites are the Hair & Beauty, DIY & Craft, and of course, Geek. I usually have to wade through the “David Tennant is TEH BEST Doctor Who EVAR” pins* to find something interesting, but thankfully, Pinterest rarely ever disappoints.

This pin was what started my quest to find these playing cards. Whoever pinned it linked it to a photo-meme site instead of the place where they could be purchased, so I had to turn to Google to help me find them. They came from Fangamer, which I might add has some other fantastic-looking merchandise besides these cards. Anyway, I was so smitten with these Legend of Zelda themed playing cards that I took a gamble and ordered both the red and blue backed sets – one to keep and one to send to a friend who collects cards and loves Zelda games.


These cards are not a flimsy collectible, but are actually printed on the same cardstock that Bicycle brand playing cards are printed on, making them easy to shuffle. The four suits are mostly unique to this set, with Triforces and Swords being the black suits and Hearts and Rupees being the red suits. Each suit also has unique face cards, featuring the different tribes you encounter in the game.


Originally, I was slightly disappointed that the face card design didn’t follow the English pattern elements, but after careful scrutiny, I have come to appreciate the subtle differences between these cards and standard playing cards. For instance, there is no Suicide King, but Ganon is in profile just like the One-Eyed King. There is only one One-Eyed Jack in this deck instead of two, but I like that the Jack of Swords (Shadow Link) is a mirror image of the Jack of Triforces (Link.) The King of Rupees carries an ax, just like the King of Diamonds. Skull Kid was the perfect choice for the Joker. All in all, I agree with the artist’s decisions in how the cards were represented.


You can purchase your own Cards of Legend on Fangamer for $15 for either red or blue, or $28 for both.

*Of course I mean no disrespect to Doctor Who fans, as I myself am a Whovian, but please … there is more to geekery than what is on the BBC. Go out and broaden your horizons!


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