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Let’s Talk Eyes

If you follow me on Pinterest, you know my taste in eye makeup can range from fairly subdued

To the wild and crazy

While a lot of my eye pins are impractical, I used to wear some outrageous palettes back in high school and the first part of college. I enjoyed playing with the colors, and liked the attention I got when I had bold makeup. I did this less and less as I went through my college career, and by the time I got my first teaching job, I barely did it at all. (I was still making and exhibiting costumes at the time, so I would wear crazy makeup for those events only.)

Recently, though, I was at the mall with my parents, doing a little shopping for the little boy, when we walked past one of those makeup booths. One of the posters featured a model with rainbow hues around her eyes.

“Geez,” my dad said, “do people really want to look that freaky?”

Now my dad likes his ladies to look fairly conservative. He doesn’t like it when my mom cuts her hair super short, but when it gets much past my shoulders he starts hinting that I might be due for a haircut soon. He might think that anything more than a nude shadow with a thin line of eyeliner is overdoing it.

It got me to thinking, just what is acceptable and what is too much when it comes to eye makeup? I think we can all agree that my crazy example is truly crazy and is probably not something suited for everyday wear. But what about something like this?

Here we have three pretty bold colors, but they compliment each other very well. To me, this isn’t outlandish. But what do you think? Is it too much?

This is another one I love, and I could totally see myself trying this out on a beach vacation. Doesn’t it look like a sunset on the ocean? But I could also see people being turned off by the bright colors.

I would have killed for the rhinestone lash strips that are now so plentiful when I was in high school. I used to take teeny-tiny crystals and individually apply them around my eyes when I wanted a look similar to this. It took hours, but I felt like a rock star. Is this something that would make you cringe if you saw someone else wearing it?

I’m totally on the opposite end of the spectrum now, because the most eye makeup I’ll put on anymore is a pin-up inspired winged cat eye with copious amounts of mascara. I’d love to start playing around with colors again, but I want to do it in such a way that I won’t get the wrong kind of stares. When you want to add more color to your eyes, what do you do? I want to know!

If your creeped out by all the eyes, here’s a picture of some hair:

Just between you and me, I’d love to do this to my hair someday, but I know my dad would flip out. I guess I am attracted to bold and crazy colors!


2 comments on “Let’s Talk Eyes

  1. Sam
    April 6, 2013

    I love the orange and blue “sunset” ones. They are so gorgeous. I have to admit, I tend not to be too bold with my eyeshadow colors, but I think that’s because if you aren’t careful with crazy colors, it can look wayyy crazy. The first eye isn’t too over the top though. I think you could get away with that for day to day.

    • Katie80
      April 11, 2013

      I know what you mean. There have been a few times where I had an idea in my mind, and when I saw it on my face thought, “Yikes!”

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