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I Read My Feeds on Feedly

Years ago, when I wanted to read a blog, I bookmarked the blog address into a special folder in my bookmarks. Once a week I would check to see if there were updates. If I really liked the blog, I usually checked once a day. There wasn’t a better way to do it at the time. Then blogs allowed you to subscribe via email. Now I could read their posts from my inbox! But I didn’t like the email format. I usually couldn’t read the entire post, and my inbox got full of emails and junk in a hurry. So I went back to the older, clunkier way of checking a blog. It got easier to know when new posts were up thanks to Twitter and Facebook, but it was still easy to miss updates when New Post links got buried under the mundane status updates from everyone else. I was actually really late to board the Reader train. No one was blogging about them, but suddenly everyone was using them. How did I miss this? Being able to read all of my blogs in one place was just the thing I needed. I downloaded Google Reader and was happy for a while. Then on March 13th, Google announced it would be discontinuing the reader on July 1st.

Many mom bloggers instantly showed support for Bloglovin. I tried it out for a very brief time, and quickly put my NO stamp on it because it crashed my browser – I use Google Chrome, for the record. I did a search to see what other people were using. Most of them were for readers specifically tailored to news blogs, but one reader showed up on numerous lists.       feedly   Feedly is news aggregator (a fancy term for RSS reader) and I have quickly grown attached to it. I can organize the blogs I read into neat categories, so I can choose to read certain categories and save others for later – though really, I usually keep it on the All tab. The apps and browser extension all have a minimalist feel to them, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be customized. The browser extension has many color themes to suit a variety of moods, and the Preferences let you modify the tiniest of details. The mobile apps only have two themes: day theme and night theme. The day theme changes the background to white, while the night theme makes it black. This might seem lame in comparison, but I do most of my blog reading in bed during the early morning or late night feedings. By using the night theme, I don’t bother my husband or distract the baby because the white text on a black background emits less light on my tablet.

I like the "Quiet" theme for my browser extension.

I like the “Quiet” theme for my browser extension.

Like I’ve said several times, the web-based version is a browser extension. Unfortunately, the only browsers that support this particular extension are Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If your browser of choice is Internet Explorer, you’re out of luck. Now, from my perspective, if you’re using IE at home, you really should consider downloading a different browser. After the security flaw in IE7-9, I just don’t trust it. If you mostly read blogs at work and the company doesn’t allow you to use a browser other than IE, I can’t help you there. All I can say is that your boss probably doesn’t want you to read blogs at work anyway. Sorry! If you still haven’t found an RSS reader you like, give Feedly a shot. With easy organization and customization, you’re sure to find something to like.


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