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May Letter from the Editor: Not So Merry

It’s May!

Flowers are in bloom.

passion flower

Passion Flower, or Maypod

Baseball is in full swing.


Cardinals v. Brewers, Bush Stadium, April 14th

And of course, Renaissance festivals. I don’t know about you guys, but I love Renaissance festivals.

Castle of Muskogee

via The Castle of Muskogee

But I’m having a hard time feeling happy anymore.

Early last month, Mark had a job interview. It wasn’t just any interview. It was an interview at a school back in our hometown. When he got the call, we were ecstatic.

The interview went extremely well. We were sure that he was going to get the job. So one week goes by.

Two weeks go by.

The third week was when the school board was going to meet. This is probably it, we thought. Friday, we still hadn’t heard anything. My mom called to check up on things, and I mentioned that we still hadn’t heard from the school.

“Have they not called you?” she said, sounding angry.

“Nope, not y-”

“Kate, they filled that job already. I can’t believe they haven’t told you.”

I couldn’t believe that. Mark called someone who was part of the interview committee, and it was true. They filled the job on Monday of that week. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. Devastated would be a better fit.

Have you ever had a job interview that you thought was yours, and then they ended up awarding the job to someone else? It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it? Especially when it seemed like it was the perfect fit. I don’t talk about my faith very often, but this rocked it hard. We really thought he was being led to this job. It seemed like it was Providence. Well, it wasn’t, but hopefully He will lead us to the perfect job soon.

So now here we are, 17 days away from Mark’s graduation, and we don’t know where we’re going. Maybe we’ll find a job before our apartment lease expires on June 28th. Maybe we won’t. I’m trying not to dwell on it too much. (It’s really difficult not to, though.) Here’s hoping I can give you guys better news before the month is over.


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