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April Letter from the Editor: Busy Bees

Whew! Spring is quickly getting away from me! Last month was just one stressful event after another, what with Mark’s graduate recital, and then his competencies – where he had to have a pretty thorough knowledge of the horn, its history, and current teachers and players – and an important job interview. On top of it all, I participated in my first 5k at the beginning of April, and the apartment management sent us a letter saying they would prefer it if we moved out before our lease was up so they could have our place available for new tenants (wait, what?) Oh, and if we could stage our apartment so they could show it to potential tenants, that’d be great, please and thank you. (That part? Not happening. Not with an almost 6 month old to take care of.)

Once most of those things were behind us, we started getting lazy. Dishes piled up in the sink, and laundry overflowed from the hamper. We rewarded ourselves for the smallest responsibilities. “Well, at least I took out the trash today,” and, “I finally washed the sheets for the first time since … I don’t know and I don’t care. Time to veg with Facebook.”

In some ways, these rewards are good. I finally got a digital SLR camera, which I’ve been hinting about since before Conrad was born. I’ve had a lot of fun learning about apertures and shutter speeds and how they work together. I enjoy taking the baby out to take pictures. and I’m really looking forward to snapping photos of my first Major League Baseball game on Sunday – St Louis Cardinals versus the Milwaukee Brewers! Even though I love my Cardinals, I’m so excited to see Ryan Braun play.

But in other ways, it’s time to resume adulthood. Playing with Conrad has been fun, and shirking off responsibilities helped us relax after having been frazzled for the last three months, but now we need to be grown ups. Back to being bees!

How do you deal with an abundance of stress? Talk to me on G+, Facebook, or Twitter! And as always, comments are love. 


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